Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Writing Purpose: To Entertain - Things that are Contagious

The Flu
Kyah Young

Ah ah ah CHOO! I'm sorry about a week ago my friend got the flu and sadly she gave it to me. She's been as sick as a dog with a fur ball in her throat for 2 weeks now.

I felt the sickening feeling in my my tummy again. OH NO! Not again! I feel something rushing up my throat. A butter chicken clump with rushing vomit comes out of my mouth. I leap to the sliver metal bowl and it comes rushing out. I gag a couple of times because of the butter chicken smell waffling up to my nose. The smell stenches everything!

As I clean up my mess I look in the mirror I look like I had a red mask like a raccoons around my eyes. My dried up nose starts to bleed again and I am coughing as loud as a loins ROUR !!

When I glance around me I see a snow mountain of tissues then I spin around to the mirror. I realise that I'm going to need more tissues soon.

As I think of the pros and cons I realise that some of it is a beauty of having the flu but there are some major pros and cons. The pros are not going to school and chilling out. The cons are you have to catch up with school work and you're sick so you can't hangout with friends. You also can't do the fun stuff you want to do.

If you're, right now, thinking, what's the cure? Well I'm going to tell you. You need to get rested and to not get too stressed (which we all know it hard not to do). To stop getting sick, eat healthy and nutritional foods. Also stay fit and get loads of rest at all times.

Contagious Gossip!
By Layla

Did you hear about Sally’s new boyfriend?”
If you think about it gossip is a bit like chinese whispers; once it’s got around it’s most likely changed from the original message. The example I just mentioned could have been different. It could have been Sally’s brother or cousin holding hands, not necessarily her boyfriend.

There’s a difference between good gossip, new tricks and bad gossip. It may happen over social media or even during or after school.

The reason gossip is contagious is because your friend might have told you a MASSIVE and really embarrassing secret that you swore on your life you wouldn't tell. But your best friend starts to beg and beg finally you give in and tell her. Then word spreads around as fast as a click of a finger.

But luckily, now, there's a cure for this “disease”. Our new and improved Quail Tape (stronger than duct tape). Take a strip of this talk-hindering tape, stick it over your mouth and leave it over for at least 28 hours. Afterwards, peel it off. Be careful not to speak for the first 16 hours or you will grow lying warts all over your face!

Have fun with our new product.
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