Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Writing: Purpose - Help readers to visualise

By Layla

The limp spaghetti was slowly drowning in the Hellers paste. Brown mushrooms bobbed and simmered in the runny and oily sauce. Oh no I’ve been dreading this day for months. It’s always just been a threat spinning at the back of my mind, never a worry, up until now...there's only one word to explain it, yuck!

Dad had his fake smile on which looks real enough but his eyes ruined it. They winced at the sight of it plus his nose was quivering trying desperately to close themselves.

The smell got stronger and stronger as mum enter the room with the spaghetti dish. Mum served it out. But as Mum was serving my sister a miracle appeared. Her hand let go of the still full dish (this all happened in slow motion) down, down, down it fell on to the new carpet. Mum let out a shriek in raced the puppy, looks like a early dinner for him.

All of us well except Mum  had a gleam in our eyes, we were all thinking the same thing, TAKE AWAYS❤️

Cream Bun
By Aisha
It was that time of the crisp, cold season again I had just finished my winter choirs, and had quite a chill. I could smell mum's delicious classic, fresh batch. My mouth watered vigorously at the sight of it. Not wasting one minute I raced upstairs, my heart pounding as I did so. I couldn't hold it in not one more second. Then it flung out of me" MUM " " just give me a second" she replied angrily I flung into the hard, broud chair. A deep sorrow filled up my dull soul. I could only dream what wonders it would bring to me if I could only have one tiny bite. Wait one second maybe I can. I tip toed down the oak stairs quite as a mouse. My shaking hand reached out to grasp one of the creamy goodness. I pulled it to my mouth sighing I had never dissipated my mum but I had to it would be torture and I can't do that I was on a sugar low. Ok maybe not a sugar low but I crave sugar. I take my first bite. The mix of sweet and savoury was sensational. The strawberry jam full of delight mixes with the vanilla white cream the icing sugar just made it speechless the bun just brings it all together. But something soon ruined it " I thought I told you not to touch it" oh no she saw.

By Andrew
Beep! Beep! Beep! The microwave goes off. I have my golden crispy toast already ready, I run over, grab the heat-proof bowl and dump the long red, orange, and cream shoelaces into my shiny white clean plate. The small shiny grey watties tin is nothing but metal now. As I put the stained bowl away, I realise the toast is gone…

As I search for my toast in this steaming pile of goodness, I contemplate how this fabulous food was made, how it will taste and… I found the now soggy toast. I bite in and slurp up the saucy strings into my mouth! Another bite, another one, and one final bite! I was about to grab my shiny silver fork I realised that i had made two pieces of toast, one of them was still in there!

Aunt Petunia's Spaghetti
By Meg

The hard oak door shook. Oh no! My aunt Petunia was here to cook a ghastly dinner. My body shook as my pale hand reached for the glass knob. I opened the door to see a tin of saucy noodles.

Time passed and there was a defining sing-a-song voice that filled the rotten house. There was a bubbling sound coming from the mushrooms that were slowly getting drowned in the deep, red sauce. As the pepper was getting ground into the thick, soupy mix, I smelt tomato sauce with basil and oregano. I shivered with disgust.
I was lying on my bed reading the new ‘Guy Williams’ magazine when the smell hit me. The acidic smell stung my eyes. I had to escape from this deadly disaster.
I ran faster than a wave could break the surface, trying to find air but the smell lurked around every crack in the grim house. I had to get out of the house before the sing-a-song voice called me for dinner.
“Ellie! Come for dinner!” The time had come. Would I confront up to my aunt and break her heart, or just go with it? I walked down the creaky staircase. The smell got stronger and stronger every step I took.  I pushed the door to see a table with bowls. In them was the yucky, gooey mess. Sitting down at the table, I picked up my cold, silver spoon and dipped it in the bowl. Then I cautiously brought it up to my mouth.

Argh! Next time, I will confront her.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Daffodil Day!

Thank you to all of you who contributed donations for the Cancer Society. A special thanks to those of you who dressed up for the occasion!
Flo should have won the award for Best Dressed!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Writing: Purpose - Inform others of how animals are used for human benefit

Elephant Tragedy in Thailand By Sophia

In 1900 there were 300,000 elephants in the wild and 100,000 in captivity, but now there are 2,000 elephants in the wild and 4,000 elephants in captivity but elephants in captivity aren’t living the best life at all!

While in captivity elephants are being abused for the Thailanders benefits and entertainment. Elephants go threw brutal and painful training everyday and hardly get any food or water and several weeks of brutal training can leave different mental disabilities and also physical disabilities.

Elephants get captured and thrown in captivity at the age of 6-8 months. Elephants try to fight back but only get a bullhook in the head. In Chiang Mai there is a rehabilitation center that rescues injured and endangered elephants.

To help the rehabilitation of these beautiful animals, visit

Elephant Abuse
By Andrew
If elephants are Thailand's symbol animal then why are the killing them off? In the 1900’s in Thailand, there was 300,000 wild elephants and 100,000 captive. Now, there are less than 2,000 wild elephants and about 4,000 captive elephants. Sure that's a lot less captive elephants, but that's even less wild elephants! The question is…. What happens to all those captive elephants? Lets start from the beginning, the very beginning.
Baby elephants are taken straight from their mother for “training”. The training consists of brutal beating and open gashes. In videos and images you can see the Mahout *Ma-hoot* (person controlling the elephants) poking or stabbing the mighty mammals with anything from bamboo  sticks to bull hooks and even whips and chains! During training elephants are deprived from food and water for days and sometimes even weeks! Also their tusks are sold as ivory!
After training the elephants are taken to the streets to ride, beg, or even perform “cool tricks or stunts!”. One of the acts they will make the elephants perform is to paint a picture. The way the Mahout will get the elephant to perform this “trick” is that they will pinch the elephant's ear to get it to move its trunk up and down. Also if you see an elephant swinging its head around, that is a sign of mental or stress disorder. Another thing they will make the elephants do is illegal logging, which is when they make the elephants carry heavy logs up extremely steep hills in the blazing sun!
But you can help! By visiting elephant rescue centres, cruel Mahouts won't be able to endanger any more elephants! One elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre in Chiang Mai run entirely on donations! So, beg your parents (or teacher) to take you to Thailand, so you can save the elephants, not kill them!

Writing: Speeches

Purpose: To inform others

My 7 Wonders of the World
By Seth

That was shamazing!
Hi I’m Seth and I'm gonna talk to you about my 7 Wonders of the World.
What are your 7 Wonders of the World?
Well here are mine…
A Wonder is something that blows your mind like KABOOM…

I smell the sweet smell of chocolate bouncing off the walls.
The machines rattle as the brown oozing liquid slopes off.
You know where this is the cadbury chocolate factory.
The cadbury chocolate factory is one of my wonders of the world .
Every room you went to there was chocolate brown oozing liquid.
YUM. Well not for you non chocolate lovers. The cadbury chocolate factory is located in around the centre of dunedin.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like in the secret city of the Incas? Cusco was one of the last Incan refugee camps after the Spanish Conquests raided for gold and silver. Imagine walking in the dense jungle searching for the lost city knowing you're gonna get lost.

Have you ever wanted to climb the Eiffel Tower? The sights at the top would be amazing. The Eiffel Tower is 300m tall. I would love to climb it. It would be amazing climbing up the metal work. The reason I chose this is because I love France I would love to go there. There is only one stop sign in Paris.

Tottenham Hotspurs are my favourite football team. I would love to see them play at their home ground but there is one problem their home grounds in England. Tottenham Hotspurs have paid 400 million dollars for a new stadium called Northumberland development project. It has a capacity of 61,000 as their old stadium White hart lane could only fit 34,000.

Dream world oh so fun… well until you come across the dreaded line that take hours till you get to the top. Dream world is one of my wonders because I went there a few years ago and it was so FUN! Dream world is located in Queensland, Australia. Some of the rides there were so freaky.

The Grand Canyon have you ever wondered what lies at the rocky depths at of the grand canyon have you heard of the man who jumped over the grand canyon on a motorbike well he made it I think unless he plummeted to his death so it's a win win situation no one gets hurt apart from the motorbike I and the man on it. How long has it been there?  What's it made of? Who knows. I would love to tell you but that's not my job. I’ll leave that up for the scientists.

The Taipei 101 wouldn’t you love to get to the top well I wouldn’t there are so many dangers like falling out the window, stampedes of people trying to get to work and extreme winds blowing you out of the buildings. I would love to climb it. I didn’t mean it what I just said well what are the chances of any of that happening. The Taipei 101 is 101 stories high. It was the tallest building in 2004 and remained such until 2009 when Burj Khalifa in Dubai was built. There is a giant ball keeping it from leaning over it weighs 660 tonnes equivalent to 660 cars. It would be amazing going there at night when the tower lights up majestically.

So there are my 7 Wonders. I hope you enjoyed my speech. Au revoir. That is French for goodbye. So good bye to you all. Merci de votre attention.