Friday, 1 July 2016

Writing: Purpose - To create a story based on an image

Mr Banks Unusual Morning
By Aisha  
'Ring', the alarm went off as Mr Banks listened to the birds chirping. He had a strange feeling about today. His brown leather jacket swooped passed his bruised knees. He combed his slick, dark hair back. He raced out the door. Wait a minute, he thought to himself, turning and flying back up the stairs. He picked up his dull suitcase that matched his leather jacket and then swiftly walked down the street smiling at every elderly who trudged past. 
As time passed he arrived at the cold train station shivering, wishing he had put another layer on. Mr Banks was a businessman taking the train to work, there and back every day. He went through an alleyway. As he stumbled past something that caught his eye, a shadowy figure was holding its ground. Mr Banks chocolate brown hat flew off his head as he stood in astonishment.
This was no puppy or kitten for it had a gecko like tongue, shark fin feet, a lizard tail, big whale eyes, ears like a bear and what seemed to be shark gills. "What on earth is this?" He thought to himself, too stunned to move as did the creature. Mr Banks slowly held out his right arm shaking as he did so. Just then the creature let out an astonishing scream and Mr Banks snapped back his hand.
Ten minutes passed and in that ten minutes a lot went on for Mr Banks. He had made a new friend, asleep at the bottom of his newly polished shoes. Mr Banks picked up his new pet and stuffed him in his coat where he could keep this mouse alien nice and warm. Instead of going to work he took the train back home.
He entered his big wooden doors of his home. His wife had left the fire blazing and the mouse alien and Mr Banks had a hot chocolate and they both sat down to watch X factor.

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